Inauguration of the Flower Carpet in Brussels

Every two years, the Flower Carpet Brussels is set up in the month of August. On the Grand Place in Brussels horticulturists create a floral masterpiece of 1,800 m² with 300 Begonias per m².

2014 is the 19th edition of this event. This years design is of an Anatolian kilim (woven carpet) to honor the 50th anniversary of the Turkish immigration, On 16 July 1964, Belgium and Turkey signed the bilateral convention which led to Turkish immigration in Belgium. Today 220000 Turkish born individuals are residing Belgium.

Kilims are an integral part of Turkish culture and are widely spread to Iran and Iraq, as well as to Azerbaijan and to the Caucasus. During Ottoman times, kilims were a status symbol and were presented as gifts to kings and sultans.


Hundreds of volunteers and craftsmen build these elaborate, ephemeral carpet. Up to 2 years in advance hundreds of thousands of flowers need to be reserved in order to bring them to bloom in the desired colors for the day on the Grand Place (see Construction of the Flower Carpet).

Just before the opening, 120 volunteers bring color to the carpet, based on a life-sized image drawn on micro-perforated plastic, which is fixed to the ground on top of a fine layer of sand.

Flower Carpet Inauguration

The presentation of the carpet is accompanied by a magnificent light and sound show in the middle of the Gothic facades of Europe’s capital. A musical theme has been especially composed for this summer display. The concert is held every evening to accompany a splendid sound and light show!

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Inauguration of the Flower Carpet in Brussels