Metsovo and Limni Pigon

Metsovo lies at an altitude of 1160 m in the middle of the mountains of Pindus, in the Greek region of Epirus.

Video of the journey to Metsovo

Coming from Meteora we take the old street over the Katara Pass towards Metsovo.

view from Katara-Pass

Shortly before the summit, we turn towards Limni Pigon. The artificial lake is surrounded by a nature reserve which is still a home for brown bears. Here the Aoos river is dammed. It the only river of Greece which flows into the Adriatic Sea.

Limni Pigon - Greece

Our husky enjoys the welcome refreshment.

goats on the road

When traveling in this region you have to watch out for goats on the road. Also horses, cattle and dogs do not know any difference between a private and public area either.

Metsovo - Greece

Near Metsovo cattle crowd on the place where a ski lift guarantees sportive pleasure in winter time. Metsovo is known as ski resort and mainly focused on tourism.

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