Eckfeld - baking bread as in the old times

Eckfeld, a small village with 400 inhabitants in the middle of the Vulkan Eifel became world-famous through the excavations of fossils like fish, snakes, crocodiles, the world's oldest honeybee as well as the discovery of a 45 million year old primeval horse.

However, this time we came to see Leo and his friends baking bread just as in the old days. Every year the festival of the fire brigade takes place at Whitsun. On Whitsunday around 100 loaves of bread are being baked in the common bakehouse. It tastes delicious!

 bakehouse Eckfeld

The wood furnace is fired up and heated to about 340 ° C. The flour is mixed with water and other ingredients and the dough must rest for about 30 minutes. Then it is divided, weighed, and placed in a basket. When the oven has reached the desired temperature, the ash is removed, the stove cleaned and the bread is placed in the oven. After further 30 minutes it is ready and can be eaten freshly after cooling down.

baking bread as in the old times

The center of Eckfeld, is a church dating from 1450. It is a branch church of the church of Buchholz which lies on a mountain range in a south westerly direction, some 2 km away.

Branch Church Eckfeld

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