Maxvorstadt Munich - A walking tour on Corpus Christi

Maxvorstadt, a central borough of Munch is next to the north-western part of the Old City.

Our little tour starts at the Königsplatz (King's Square). It was built once by order of King Ludwig I as part of a boulevard from the residence to the Nymphenburg Palace, after the example of the Akropolis in Athens. The Doric style Propylaea towers above the middle of square. To the right is the Glyptothek, a museum with a collection of Greek and Roman sculptures. Opposite lies the State Collections of Antiques with vases and ceramics, collections of bronze and glass, as well as gold jewelry and terracottas.

Glyptothek - Munich

During our visit, a Corpus Christi procession took place right here.

Corpus Christi procession - Munich Königsplatz

Right behind the Propylaea we find the Lenbachhaus built by the painter Franz von Lenbach. It is part of Munich's art area and houses an art museum which got particulary known from the exhibits of The Blue Rider, a group of international artists. Passing the Technical University of Munich, we come across the old Pinakothek with paintings from the Middle Ages to the 19th century and the Pinakothek der Moderne (Art Gallery of the Modern), with paintings from the 20th century.

Lenbachhaus - Munich - Germany

We end our tour at the Karolinenplatz. The obelisk is memorial to the 30,000 Bavarians killed during Napoleon 's Russian campaign in 1812. Additionally it commemorates the wars of liberation where Bavarian fought against French troops (1813, 1815).

Obelisk Karolinenplatz - Munich

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