Nicopolis - Νικόπολις

Nicopolis, the former Roman city of victory, lies in the Greek region Epirus not far from Préveza.

The city of Nicopolis was founded by Octavian in 31 BC to commemorate his victory in the naval battle of Actium for the autocracy in the Roman Empire against Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

Nicopolis Epirus - Greece

After being destroyed by the Goths in the 5th century, Emperor Justinian I expanded the city with mighty ramparts and 36 towers. In its heyday, the city had about 230,000 inhabitants.

ramparts in Nicopolis Epirus

Under Octavian the so-called Aktia games were carried out. They took place on a nearby hill at the Sanctuary of Apollo. The games consist of physical as well as musical competitions.

stadium Nicopolis Greece

Still today, the remains of the theater and the stadium document the impressive dimensions of Nicopolis.

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