Today, Shenzhen is the city with the highest per capital income in China. This it due to the fact that a special economic zone was created already in 1980.

We experienced this city of 1994 and went first to a local meat, fish and vegetable market.

Market in Shenzhen China 1994

After that we visited a traveling exhibition of the little terracotta army which had been discovered in the common mausoleum of the emperor Jingdi (Liu Qi) and the empress Wang Zhi (Xiaojing) in 1990. Han Jingdi was the fourth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (206-16 BC). Unlike the terracotta army of Qin Shihuangdi, the size of the statues from the grave of Jingdi is only approx. 1/3 life-size, as a rule 62 cm.

Traveling exhibition of the little terracotta army in Shenzhen

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