The ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth - Impressions

In ancient Corinth in Greece, only the remains of the Temple of Zeus bear witness from the archaic city. Otherwise, the ruins are strongly influenced by the Roman past.

Ancient Corinth

In the centre of the Agora one can still recognize the speaker's platform where the apostle Paulus had to justify himself before the Roman dictators.

The well house of the Peirene Fountain is in good conditon; Peirene, a nymph in Greek mythology, is said to be the daughter of the river god Asospus. Many statues once surrounded the large pool.

well house of the Peirene Fountain

The wide Lechaion Road, the main shopping street of Ancient Corinth today, still conveys the vitality of yore.

Lechaion Street in ancient Corinth

From the theater, only the foundations are still visible. The adjacent museum displays rich murals, mosaics and sculptures.

citadel ancient corinth

A mighty citadel rises on a hill above the ancient town. Byzantines, Franks, Ottomans and Venetians have all left their traces here.

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