Lockenhaus Castle

Lockenhaus Castle is located in Burgenland in Austria.

The very interesting castle was once in the possession of the Esterházy family. Since 1968, it belongs to the family of Prof. Paul Anton Keller who has invested millions in the restoration of the castle. He has developed the castle into an event and congress center. Professor Keller has also invested a lot of the time and money in the research of the Knights Templar.

Lockenhaus Castle - Austria

An exhibition about the Knights Templar should demonstrate the legend, that the castle was once an Order Castle of the Knights Templar, of which there are quite some indications.

Inside Lockenhaus Castle 1 - Austria

It has been proven that the castle served temporarily as residence for the Hungarian Slovakian countess Erzsébet Báthory, the worst female serial killer of the history.

Inside Lockenhaus Castle - Austria

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