Forchtenstein Castle

Forchtenstein Castle is one of the mightiest castles of Burgenland. It is in possession of the Esterházy family. Erected at the beginning of the 15th century as a fortress, it was transformed in the course of time to the treasury of the house of Esterhazy.

Primarily Byzantine and Habsburg treasures, such as the tent of a Turkish sultan, weapons and clocks, are kept here. Deep inside, secured behind secret passages and locking mechanisms, the collection survived even the occupation after the Second World War, without being detected.

Forchtenstein Castle

With the equestrian statue of Pauls I. the prince Esterházy, and with the mural paintings in the inner courtyard, which represent the Habsburg emperors, one had set signs to clarify which place had been defined as central point of social and courtly life.

Inner courtyard Forchtenstein Castle

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