Yunnan Nationalities Village - Kunming

The Yunnan Minority Village (云南民族村 Yunnan Minzu Cun) is on the northeastern shore of the Dian Lake in Kunming.

 21 national minority groups live in Yunnan. In order to make the customs, traditions and living habits of these minorities accessible to a wider segment of the population, the Yunnan Nationalities Village was built. Here, members of minority groups can present their way of life. A wide variety of customs and traditions are explained.

Entrance - Yunnan Nationalities Village

For instance, it was the custom among the Wa people that following a good harvest, it was requested that the head of a man with a long beard be placed at the village entrance. Today a buffalo head is used instead. 

Village of Wa Nationality

Among the Bai peoples, houses were built facing east, whereas in the rest of China the custom was to build houses facing south. Village squares were often built as a symbolic calendar.

Square of Yi nationality

In the Yunnan Minority Village, many folk dances and song presentations are offered. For the Yi nationality, the tiger is sacred. This can be seen on hat coverings or the Yi’s main village square.

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