Hall in Tyrol

Hall in Tyrol, Austria is located about 6 km north-east of Innsbruck.

Hall has the largest and best-preserved medieval Old Town of Tyrol. The name goes back to the Middle High German word “hal”, which means salt source. Already in 13th Century the life of the city was determined by salt mining.

Hall in Tyrol - Austria

Due to the proximity of the silver mines in Schwaz, the provincial mint was moved from Merano to Hall, in 1477. The first silver coin, the so-called Urtaler, was minted here in 1486. In the 16th Century, the first minting machine, known as roll press, was used here and later it was in operation worldwide.

Hall in Tyrol Austria

Today, Hall is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.
Old Town of Hall in Tyrol

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