Gran Canaria – The North

In the north of Gran Canaria the landscape becomes flat again. The town of Teror lies in a wide valley and with its typical Canarian architecture it is regarded as the most original place on the island of Gran Canaria.

 A few kilometers further in Firgas, which is known for its water sources, you can visit the Paseo de Gran Canaria. Here, the water flows cascading down a promenade. The watercourse is artfully edged with tiles made of ceramic, symbolizing the Canary Islands with their communities.

Paseo de Gran Canaria

Also worth seeing is Moya, the next village on our route. In the Puente de Silva, we come back to the coast and follow it west to Puerto de las Nieves with the Dedo de Dios (finger of God). Since 2005 it is called "broken" finger of God, because it has lost the upper part of the rocky pinnacle in the tropical storm called Delta.

Dedo de Dios - finger of God - Gran Canaria

 Back to the east, we arrive in the capital Las Palmas at the Las Canteras beach with its promenade. After a visit of the harbor we head back towards the south. In the Natural Park Bandama we pass the 170 m deep caldera.

in the north of Garn Canaria

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