Cape Sounion and Vouliagmeni

On the headland of Cape Sounion stands the widely visible the Temple of Poseidon, where sailors made their sacrifices in former times.

The steep rock drop on three sides 60 meters deep into the sea. The brilliant white marble reveals its full beauty in the bright sunlight. According to legend, King Aegeus of Athens jumped down the cliffs when his son Theseus returned from the fight with the Minotaur from Crete. Theseus had forgotten to set white sails, as a sign of victory, instead of the black ones. During Roman times, Cape Sounion was a well known slave market.

Temple of Poseidon - Kap Sounion

Today, the area is protected as a National Park from further building development.

National Park Kap Sounion

Right next to the road leading to Athens, we pass the thermal springs of Vouliagmeni. The green glimmering lake is framed by sheer rock walls, which were originally the interior walls of a cave that collapsed after an earthquake.

thermal springs of Vouliagmeni

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