Qutang Gorge

The Qutang Gorge  瞿塘峡 on the Yangtze River, China ranges from Wushan to Fengje.

Thirty-six bridges span the Jangtse; most of these bridges were newly built as part of the relocation measures in order to strengthen the infrastructure.

Start in Wushan

Wushan is the starting point to the Three Little Gorges. This city was completely rebuilt at a higher elevation. At the entrance of the 8 km long gorge Qutang, the ruins of the Daxi culture were discovered and the remains of a four -to six- thousand year old village from the Neolithic period have been excavated here.

The Qutang Gorge is the shortest but also the most beautiful of the three gorges. The rock cliffs here are extremely steep. Directly in the Kuimen Gateway we find the most famous calligraphy carved in stone in all of China.

Kuimen Gateway calligraphy

The originals have been completely released from the rock and to be exhibited in a museum. The calligraphy which can be viewed from the river are only copies. The Kuimen is the highest mountain in the region and overlooks the extremely narrow passage between Hubei and the province of Sichuan, and more recently Chongqing, which was separated from Sichuan. Correspondingly, this section of the gorge is called the Kuimen Gateway. This eye of the needle through which the Yangtze flows is pictured on Chinese currency.

Qutang Gorge - view pictured on Chinese cuurency

Baidicheng – the city of the White Emperor – will form a small island in the future once the river has reached its final elevation.

Baidicheng – the city of the White Emperor

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