Parnonas – Peloponnese

Across the Parnon Mountains - Πάρνωνας - from Laconia to Arcadia

We leave the south of the Peloponnese and drive via Skala through the 2000 m high Parnon Mountains, also called Parnonas, towards Leonidio. Not only the view is breathtaking, the roads as well.

Parnonas Peloponnese

In Leonidio we get to the coast of the Gulf of Corinth, which we follow in northerly direction. On the steep slopes we find again and again watchtowers, presumably from Byzantine or Genoese time.

Watchtowers in Parnon mountains - Greece

In Kiveri at the coast one can see a basin with a power house built right next to it. This is the place where the waters of the Stymfalia, a highland lake in Peloponnese meets the sea subterraneously. The sources were bordered and serve to irrigate of the orchards of the Argolis, the region around Argos and Nafplio.

Kiveri - Peloponnese

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