Kruger National Park – Elephants

In the Kruger National Park in South Africa we have witnessed the intelligence and social behavior of elephants.

 As a fallen tree blocking the road, it was apparent that elephants were nearby. The sun already made her way towards the horizon. We had to reach the next camp, in order not to spend the night in the wilderness; so we hurried to get ahead.

Kruger National Park- elephant cow with cub

At the last moment we saw an elephant cow and its cub standing at the roadside. We stopped, but nothing happened. It was only when the car that followed us in a distance of about 3-4 km had also stopped, both elephants started to move and crossed the road.

Kruger National Park- elephant

At the same time, about 100 meters away, a big elephant came out of the thicket and secured the road in the other direction. Only then the rest of the herd crossed the road. Finally, the smallest animal in the herd was praised for the successful crossing of the road by the mothers and aunts, which were standing in a circle around it.

Kruger National Park- elephants with cub

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