From Kalamata to Mystras - Peloponnese

Kalamata, the city at the Messenian Gulf in the Peloponnese, famous for its olive export, is the starting point of our trip.

The city got badly damaged by an earthquake in 1986 as they frequently appear in this region. Today the destructions have been widely remediated. Winding roads lead up the mountain slopes of the Taygetus Mountains. In the Machalas valley we can see some of the devastation caused by a forest fire.

Road from Kalamata to Mystras

In 2007 the country suffered heavily from the rapidly spreading fire, fanned by the wind. Houses and orchards were destroyed but worse - many people and animals lost their lives.

Traces of the rapidly spreading fire fanned by the wind

On a winding wildly romantic road with overhanging rocks and tunnels, we drive through the Taygetos Mountains, before we reach Mystras.

winding road from Kalamata to Mystras

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