Beaches of Salvador da Bahia -1979

The beaches of Salvador da Bahia are almost 1200 km long.

Just a few kilometers outside Salvador, you can experience them alone as far as the eye can reach. The Brazilians usually prefer the beaches in the city where it is then accordingly crowded. One reason may be the fear of sharks which one can encounter here.

Beach Salvador da Bahia

Salvador is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. The special flair of the city is mediated by the predominantly black population, usually the descendants of the slaves from the cocoa plantations Often Candomblé is practiced here, a folk religion similar to Macumba in Rio de Janeiro.

Salvador da Bahia - Brazil

Both religions have their roots in the African continent and were interspersed with Catholic elements. Salvador is also known as the center of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts.

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