Mauritius natural beauty

The beauty of Mauritius

Mauritius, the holiday paradise in the Indian Ocean offers a range of scenic attractions. Although large parts of the island are covered with sugar cane fields, there are a number of forests and picturesque mountains. 

Mauritius natural beauty

One of the most beautiful parts of the island lies in the southwest. The Bay of Case Noyale and Le Morne are known as a spots for kite surfers. The offshore reef and the constant winds create ideal conditions. The nearly 100 m high Chamarel Falls is a beautiful site and therefore a popular tourist destination.

Chamarel Falls Maurtius

 The Seven Coloured Earth -Terre des Sept Couleurs - is a hilly landscape where no plants can grow. The basalt is transformed into slate and the minerals are completely washed out. What remains are metals which leaves the soil appear in seven different colors. Why the boundary between lush vegetation and the soil without plants runs so sharply divided as if it had been drawn with a ruler, will probably remain a mystery.

Seven Coloured Earth -Terres des Sept Couleurs

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