Lisbon - the pearl of Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is rightly described as pearl of Portugal.

The vibrant, cosmopolitan city is picturesquely situated on seven hills and looks back on an eventful history. Due to its location at the mouth of the Tagus it was already an important port city during the time of the Phoenicians and Romans. Although influenced by Christianity, the Moors have left their traces in the city. Around 1500, Lisbon as the capital of a global empire was experiencing a brilliant advancement, especially with its colony Brazil. With the gold from Oro Preto in Brazil the Portuguese paid their debts to the Englishmen and caused the industrial revolution. 1755, the city was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake with subsequent tsunami and devastating fires.

Lisbon - Portugal

Today, Lisbon headquarters of some agencies of the European Union is and was venue of the EXPO in 1998. In addition, Lisbon is an important university town.

Lisboa - Portugal

One has the most beautiful view from the Castelo de São Jorge. Still impressive is the 3.2 km long bridge Ponte 25 de Abril over the Tagus. The Christ the King statue Christo-Rei set up at the southern end of the bridge is the emblem of the city.

Ponte 25 de Abril over the Tagus

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