Gunung Kawi - Bali

Gunung Kawi in Tampaksiring in Bali, is a temple complex dating from the 11th century and lies hidden in the narrow valley of the Pakrisan north east of Ubud.

The temple complex is surrounded by picturesque paddy fields.

Paddy fileds Gunung Kawi - Bali

In nine, seven-meter-high rock coves, one commemorated the royal family of Udayana from the 10th century.
Gunung Kawi - Bali

 Next to it is a labyrinthine complex which was used in the 9th century for meditation by Hindu monks.

Inside Gunung Kawi - Bali

Although royal tombs have often been suspected in Gunung Kawi, the complex contains no graves; it only served as a meditation and memorial site.

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