Magdalensberg and Virunum

Magdalensberg is located northeast of Klagenfurt in Carinthia, Austria.

On the south-facing slope there was a late Celtic and early Roman settlement. Since the geographical location of Noreia, the capital of the Celtic Kingdom of Noricum is controversial, a clear assignment is not possible. One gets the best impression of those days during a visit of the Archaeological Park Magdalensberg near Sankt Veit an der Glan.

Roman bathtub Magdalensberg - Carinthia - Austria

In the city founded by the Romans in the environment of Celtic settlements, many Celtic and Roman finds were unearthed, the evidence of the prosperity of the Noric. A temple district, a Prätorium and a bathing facility were uncovered next to workshops and housing departments. The high craftsmanship and the Roman influence are still recognizable in a copy of the Youth of Magdalensberg, however, the traces of the original statue were lost 1860 in Spain.

Youth of Magdalensberg

Already 100 years after the foundation the settlement was abandoned and the Roman city of Virunum was founded in the valley. A magnificent amphitheater was uncovered.

Amphitheater Virunum

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