Yangtze River Cruise: From the Three Gorges Dam to Badong

Yangtze River Cruise - Impressions from a journey from the Three Gorges Dam to Badong, the entrance of the Shennong River.

During this part of our journey the atmosphere on the Yangtze River was almost ghostly. At noon, the sunlight can hardly penetrate the haze arising from the high humidity.

Yangtze River Cruise

The characteristics of the landscape has changed completely. In Wuhan it was still dominated by flat alluvial plains; now the mountain ranges, in which the Yangtze River has carved its bed, predominate.

Yangtze River Cruise - Three Gorges Dam to Badong

Maybe these pictures explain the preference of the Chinese for black and white ink wash painting besides the bright colors in everyday life.

On the Yangtze River

Text and video: @copright myVideoMedia