Epidaurus - Epidavros

Epidaurus  is approx. 30 km east of Nafplio on the Peloponnese, Greece.

The most important building is the theater. It offered place to approx. 14.000 visitors. Its acoustics is so convincing that it is used still today for performances.

Epidauros Theater

 Like many other sanctuaries, Epidaurus also had a stadium where competitions were regularly held. The Sanctuary of Epidaurus was dedicated to the God of medicine, Asclepius. In the Abaton patients were induced to sleep while they were healed during sleep. Beside it is the round tholos, whose purpose is still not completely clarified.
Epidauros Stadium

The underground labyrinth possibly represented the world of the Asclepius. Directly adjacent is the temple of Asclepius in which votive offerings were sacrificed. Epidaurus was repeatedly plundered by pirates, at the most violent by Romans and Goths.

Sanctuary of Epidauros

On the parking lot we see a meeting of the historic Triumph Spitfire which were built between 1962 and until 1980.

Triumph Spitfire in Epidauros

 Since 1988, Epidavros is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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