City walls of Rhodes

A walk on the city walls of Rhodes allows a deep insight into fortress construction of the Crusaders.

The four kilometer-long construction is not just a wall, but a fortification which is secured repeatedly at strategic positions. Several walls and ditches alternate, all of which had to be captured individually in the event of an attack.

View from the city wall of Rhodes - Greece

The ramparts were built and repaired by the multinational troop of the crusaders. Each nation took the full responsibility for a specific section which was assigned to them.

Grand Master Palace seen from the city walls of Rhodes

From the ramparts you have a very good view of the Grand Masters Palace of the Knights of Rhodes and the Süleyman Pasha Mosque. The mosque was named after Süleyman I., the Ottoman conqueror who took the city in 1522, after months of siege.

Old Town of Rhodes with Süleyman Pasha Mosque

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