Plettenberg Bay - South Africa

Plettenberg Bay, on the Indian Ocean is a popular tourist destination in South Africa.

The Portuguese explorers called it once Bahia Formosa, the beautiful bay. The bay served as a relay station of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) for the ships to Indonesia and in later years it was a whaling station.

Plettenberg Bay  - South Africa

Plettenberg Bay is located 500 km east of Cape Town along the Garden Route and is easily accessible by modern roads. Amidst the picturesque bay on a rocky outcrop you find the Beacon-Iceland Hotel, which was built in the shape of a ship.
IsBeacon Island Hotel - Plettenberg

The architecture inside still fascinates the visitors today. Here, one can watch the activities of the dolphin schools in its training in the bay directly from the hotel room.

Dolphins in Plettenberg Bay

The nearby nature reserve on the Robberg peninsula is home for seagulls and seals. The bay is famous for whale watching from July to October . The whales spend its mating season here and use Plettenberg Bay as a breeding station for its offspring.

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