Piber Federal Stud in Styria - Austria

Piber Federal Stud is located near Koeflach, Styria, Austria.

Since 1915, with interruption during the second World War II and in the postwar period, the Lipizzan horses are bred here for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. In the world-famous Piber Federal Stud the horses spend their teenage years and come back to stay here when are already too old for the performances of the Riding School.

Lippizaner in Piber Federal Stud - Austria

The knowledge around the breeding and the training of the exceptional animals goes back 400 years. The first three years of life enjoy the horses their youth, then it starts the seriousness of life. At the age of four, the stallions come into the Court Riding School, the mares are covered the first time with five. 

Originally, the baroque Piber Castle was built as estate of the St. Lamprecht Abbey. Today it is mainly used for cultural events.

Piber Castle in Styria - Austria

If you watch them on the meadow, one can hardly imagine a nicer environment for the Lipizzaner.

Lipizzaner foal on the meadow in Piber

The Federal Piber is an ideal destination for the whole family For more information: http://www.piber.com/en

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