Old town of Rhodes

The old town of Rhodes with its nested and narrow lanes reflects the turbulent history of the city and the island.

The city was founded after the victory of the Delian League over the Persians in 408 BC. After the Delian League was dissolved, Rhodes became independent. Later, Rhodes approached to the Romans, but fell in disgrace due to the support of the Macedonian king Perseus.

Old Town of Rhodes - Greece

After the partition of the Roman Empire, Rhodes belonged to the Eastern Roman Empire and later to Byzantium. Changeable conquests by the Genoese and Venetians followed until Rhodes fell to the crusaders. 200 years later it was part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1912 Italy occupied Rhodes. After the end of World War II Rhodes became part of the Kingdom of Greece.

Harbor Rhodes seen from the old town

Many of these political phases are reflected in the architecture of this city, particulary in the Suleyman Pasha Muschee and the adjacent Turkish quarter. The Socrates street leads to Platia Ippokratu with the Owl Fountain and the adjacent square of the Jewish martyrs with the Seahorse Fountain. The oldest Islamic mosque in the city is the Ibrahim Pasha Mosque.

Platia Ippokratu in the old town of Rhodes - Greece

Since 1988, the old town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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