Maspalomas and Playa de Ingles – Canary Islands

Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles on the island of Gran Canaria, form the largest tourist centre in Spain.

In both places you find mainly hotels, resorts and shopping centers.


In the west, Playa del Inglés is separated from Maspalomas through the dunes.


The unique landscape is characterized by the old lighthouse of Maspalomas, the wetland lagoon 'La Charca', where many birds nest and the sand dunes, which partly reminds visitors of desert landscapes.

Lighthouse of Maspalomas

At Calima, a weather situation where the hot air and sand from the Sahara desert is pushed to the Canary Islands, the temperature can easily rise over 104 °F. In the dunes, the Calmia feels like a sandblaster in the oven, however it provides unforgettable sunsets.

Sunset durng Calima

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