Laxenburg and Mayerling - Austria


Laxenburg is today one of the many recreation areas in Vienna.

Besides a large English style landscape park, the castle Franzensburg is a popular tourist destination. Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth, called Sisi spent many weeks in this idyllic surroundings. Also two of their four children were born here.

Franzenburg in the park of Laxenburg - Austria

Today, various institutions including the Austrian Film Archive and the International Anti-Corruption Academy are located on the extensive grounds.


Originally Mayerling Castle was in the possession of the Heiligenkreuz Abbey before it was taken over by Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, son of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth and converted into a hunting lodge.

Mayerling Castle Austria

Presumably he committed suicide here together with Mary Vetsera on January,30 1889. After that a church was erected in place of the living rooms and converted the castle into a cloister.

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