Kaprun - 3-stage pump storage power plant

Kaprun, a municipality with approx 3.000 inhabitants lies in the Austrian federal state Salzburg.

Amongst others, Kaprun became well known because of the construction of the 3-stage pump storage power plant. To reach the upper reservoirs, you have to take an inclined elevator and a bus over a wild romantic road.

Kaprun  inclined elevator

During the journey we had a good view of the construction of the extension, which was completed in 2011 and had doubled the capacity of the power station. The machine shop was housed in underground caverns.

extension of 3-stage pump storage power plant Kaprun

The upper reservoir is often used as a starting point for hiking in the high alpine glacier landscape.

Upper reservoir Kaprun - Austria

The construction of the pump storage power plant started during the reign of the Nazis, nevertheless it became an emblem of the reconstruction in Austria, since an essential part of the work was carried out only after the war. More than 200 workers, under this many forced laborers and prisoners of war, lost their life here; a memorial commemorates the dead.

Memorial at Kaprun pump storage power plant

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