Citadelle of Quebec

The Citadelle of Quebec, a National Historic Site of Canada, is part of the fortifications of the city and is located in the Historic District of Old Québec, which is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the fortifications in 1985.

In the Citadelle of Quebec one can visit the Royal 22e Régiment Museum with artifacts of Canadian military historical significance.

Royal 22e Régiment - Van Doos

Among other, the stuffed ancestor of the brave Batisse, the Royal Goat of Quebec, is displayed.

Batisse, the Royal Goat of Quebec

Right in front of the fort walls, the decisive battle for supremacy in Canada took place. In the battle which only lasts twenty minutes, the French suffered a defeat which ultimately led to the loss of the provinces. 

Citadelle de Quebec

Inside the citadelle, the Governor General of Canada has a second office, in addition to his official service based in Ottawa. The historic heavy guns you see throughout the city bear witness of Quebec's strategic importance.

 “Je me souviens”, I remember, is the heraldic motto of Quebec and to read on any number plate. However, only at the rear of the car. A second license plate for the front of the car is regarded as an unnecessary luxury here. “What is the point”, asked a policeman “there is no radar speed check”.

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