Changing of the Guard – Quebec

The Citadelle of Quebec City is the only remaining defense system in North America.

Changing of the Guard in the Citadelle of Quebec

Today it hosts a garrison of the Canadian army, nevertheless it can be visited.

During the summer, the Changing of the Guard in typical British style takes place every day, but never without the mascot of the Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment, Batisse, the Royal Goat with gilded horn protectors.

Batisse- the Royal Goat at Changing of the Guard – Quebec
 It is a direct descendant of the royal goat herd of Queen Victoria, which was once given to the Queen by the Shah of Persia. The original native country of Batisse was the highland of Tibet. The goat made a peaceful impression, presumably unaware the honor that has been given to it.

Changing of the Guard Ceremony Quebec

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