East Berlin 1977

In 1977, East Berlin could be reached from the western part with the underground, stop Friedrichstrasse.

Our tour started at the Parisian Square with the Brandenburg Gate. It was noticeable that there were only a few cars driving in the city. The boulevard "Unter den Linden" (under the linden trees) looked well-maintained.

Berlin East French Cathedral 1977

As soon as one went in side streets, the streets appeared bleak, with communist slogans on the walls of houses. War damages have only been partially removed, as can easily be seen at the French Cathedral. Past St. Hedwig's Cathedral, the State Opera and the Humboldt University we reached the Neue Wache (New Guard House), where NPA soldiers just drilled the changing of the guard. The dome of the New Church, which is colloquially called German Cathedral, behind the German Historical Museum was also in a pitiable state.

Humboldt University in East Berlin 1977

After the Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince's Palace) and the Alte Kommandantur (old garrison headquarters) we reached the pride of the German Democratic Republic, the Palace of the Republic. The Alexanderplatz with its TV Tower, the Red City Hall and the Art House located directly behind completed our walk.

Palace of the Republic in East Berlin 1977

On the way back, we crossed the Mill Dam Bridge and could take a look at the Mill Dam Lock.

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