Cape Agulhas

Cape Agulhas in South Africa is the southernmost point of the African continent and about 150 km east of the Cape of Good Hope. The Cape marks the boundary between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The clash of warm and cold ocean currents often leads to violent waves and was feared by the seafarers.

waves at Cape Agulhas

The coasts around Cape Agulhas are seen as one of the most feared ship graveyard in the world.However, the lighthouse at Cape Agulhas has guided many ships safely around the Cape.

On a length of 100 km one can find approx.140 shipwrecks, including the Brederrode of the Dutch East Indian Company (VOC) and the HMS Birkenhead.

Lighthouse at Cape Agulhas

However the wind and waves together with sunny beaches lends the countryside its own character, which is rounded off by beautiful sunsets.

sunset at Cape Agulhas
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