Yangtse River Cruise – from Wuhan to Gezhouba Damm

On the Princess Elaine of China Regal Cruises we head upriver the Yangtze River towards Gezhouba Dam.

Particularly impressive is how much of the work is done by hand, such as loading and unloading the ships. Heavy machinery is only seldom seen.

yangtze river cruise 2

It quickly becomes clear what great amounts of sand and clay are transported from the Yangtze into valley areas. And this occurs in a region that is almost perfectly flat. There is only a 192 m difference in altitude along the 2400 km stretch between Shanghai and Chongqing.
yangtze river cruise 3

However, travel by ship is often a better alternative to road travel, even for trucks. The trip from Wuhan to the Three Gorges Dam costs around 200 Euros, including meals and sleeping accommodations.

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