Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa

The Table Mountain, one of the most popular photo motives of South Africa, rises majestically above the center of Cape Town.

It forms the northern part of the mountain range that begins about 50 km south of the Cape of Good Hope and slopes down about 1000 m in Cape Town. In front of the Table Mountain you can see the top of Devil's Peak and Lion's Head standing out.

View from Table Mountain Cape Town

The panorama view of the table mountain is overwhelming, it includes the whole city of Cape Town and reaches from Cape of Good Hope to Robben Island. More than 1400 plant species, most of which are only found here, flourish on the high plateau.

View from Table Mountain Cape Town to Cape of Good Hope

Quickly, visitors are greeted by rock hyrax whose appearance reminds of marmots. However, Cape hyrax are the nearest relatives of the elephants and are called Rock Dassie in South Africa. One should not get too close, because the bites are very painful.
Rock Dasse at Table Mountain Cape Town

We were surprised when we discovered the sign gluhwein (mulled wine) in the cafeteria at the mountain station of the cable car. Presumably, the Swiss engineers and workers had made the drink known when they built the modern cable car.

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