Tiryns – Τίρυνθα

Tiryns - Τίρυνθα, a former ancient city, is approx. 4 km north of Nafplio in the Peloponnese.

The mighty Cyclopean walls of Tiryns were built approx. 1600 - 1200 BC, even though the place was already inhabited since 2500 BC. The city was a just as important center of the Cretan-Mycenaean culture like Mycenae, Pylos - Nestor's Palace - and Thebes.

Tiryns - part of the former ancient city

Only the remnants of the masonry from the former royal residence are preserved, but the throne room, baths, cisterns, entrance and gates are still recognizable. Particularly noteworthy are the galleries made of massive stone blocks. Approx. 1200 BC, the city was probably destroyed by an earthquake and a subsequent fire.

Tiryns galleries made of massive stone blocks
German archaeologists under the management of Prof. Dr. J. Maran of the University of Heidelberg try to disclose parts of the secrets of the city by digs in the open area in front of the former city.

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