Olynth - Chalkidiki - Greece

Olynth - Olynthus Όλυνθος - once a thriving ancient city, lies on the edge of Kassandra's gulf on the Greek peninsula of Chalkidiki.

 We visit Olynth on our way to Thessalian Plain. Already founded in the 7th century BC, the city was strategically located on a 40 m high hill landscape. The older southern district is overgrown by thick bushes, but nevertheless conveys an impression to the former size and significance of this city.

The northern part is very well maintained and partially restored. Magnificent mosaics testify to the prosperity of the citizens. The city had public buildings, an Agora and was already supplied with water from one of the oldest pressure line systems of Greece, fed by a source approx. 8 km north.

However, the strategically favorable position could not protect the city against its repeated destruction. After its taking by the Persians in the 4th century, the Bottiaeans, living here, were killed and the city was assigned to the Greek population. The city was completely destroyed by the Macedonian king Philip II on his way to the Hellenistic supremacy.

A small museum displays finds from the excavations.

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