Oberwesel lies in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley at river kilometer 550.

 The city has a long history, already around 50 BC the Celts settled here, and under the Romans, Oberwesel was a station on a Roman military road. In the Middle Ages, the city experienced its heyday as a trade, crafts and wine-growing town.

Oberwesel - City of towers and wine
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Still today, the traces of the Middle Ages characterize the city. The city of Oberwesel undertakes a lot of effort to preserve this heritage, e.g. with the foundation of the Bauverein Historische Stadt Oberwesel e.V (Historic Building Association of Oberwesel ). One project was the reconstruction of the city wall with support of the Rhineland Palatine Land government. Today, you can walk over many parts of the city wall and look at the city from different angles. Today, 16 out of the original 22 towers are well-preserved. Some can be climbed, others are inhabited or are used as location for events. The city wall is the best preserved city walls in the Middle Rhine.
Main Square Oberwesel Germany
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Not without reason Oberwesel is called the city of towers and wine, because of the steep slopes of the Middle Rhine Valley with its slate soil combined with a favorable climate, the region produces highest quality wines. In the city with picturesque half-timbered houses, wine farms and guesthouses invite to stay. The imposing castle, the Schönburg from the 12th century towers above the city. Since 1950 in the possession of the city, the castle houses an international youth hostel and the castle hotel.

Schoenburg castle Oberwesel Germany
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Only a few kilometers downstream one reaches the Lorelei, the famous rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine.

Since 2002, the cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is part the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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