Koroni - Peloponnese - Greece

Koroni (Κορώνη), a small town in the southwest of the Peloponnese on the Gulf of Messina, is about 30 km east of Methoni, 50 km south of Kalamata.

The picturesque town is the popular destination for many individual tourists. The beautiful narrow streets convey the Greek architecture and culture and the traces of the Venetians are still evident in the architecture in many places.

fishermen in Koroni Greece

Koroni is dominated by a fort, which is strategically located on a peninsula. The walls merge into the high cliffs which provide a natural protection.

Fort of Koroni seen from the Harbor

The town was founded by the Byzantines and later ruled by Venetians and Ottomans.

cross-domed church Agia Sophia in Koroni Greece

Worth seeing are the castle complex located in the cross-domed church Agia Sophia and the post-Byzantine church Agios Charalambos.

post-Byzantine church Agios Charalambos

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