Inside the Peoponnese

Our journey leads us into the inside of the Peloponnese. Along the coast of the Gulf of Corinth, we head west to Trapeza.

From here we take a turn to the south along the monastery Megaspiläon that stucks like a bird nest on a rock wall.

Megaspiläon Monastery - Peloponnese
Megaspiläon @copyright myVideoMedia

In the small town of Rogo we visit the memorial for the victims of the Nazi terror regime. Here, the entire male population of the village was massacred here in the World War II.

Memorial in Rogo - Greece
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After a drive through valleys and high mountain passes and a short visit to the Cave of the Lakes (Spileo ton Limnon) at Kastria, we reach the historic city of Mantinea. The city was often in conflict with Sparta, was destroyed and rebuilt with the help of Thebes and later destroyed again by Slavs. Here is one of the most unusual churches in Greece.

Church of Mantinea - Greece
Church in Matinea @copyright myVideoMedia

During the construction of the church one tried to combine all architectural styles. Before we leave the highland, we enjoy a marvellous view to the gulf of Argos.

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