Harley und Wein 2013 - Harley meets Moselwein in Wittlich

Harley Davidson as far as the eye can see

Hundreds of Harley Davidson bikers arrived on Saturday (10.08.2013) at the market square and the surrounding streets in Wittlich.

Harley Davidson in Wittlich Neustrasse

The Harley Davidson drivers were participants of the Mosel-Eifel-Panorama Tour that annually takes place on the occasion of the wine festival in Uerzig at the Moselle. They were accompanied by Arno Simon, the mayor of Uerzig, Manfred Volpert, the president of Mainhattan Chapter in Frankfurt and the Wine Queen Karina I. from Uerzig with her companions.
Harley Davidson in Wittlich at the Market Square

In glorious weather, yound and old motorcycle- and Harley-Davidson fans had the opportunity to admire the gleaming chrome motorcycles up close, or to have a chat with the international bikers.
Harley Davidson convoy leaving Wittlich

Afterwards, the Harley Davidson convoy moved back towards Uerzig.

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Text and video: @copright myVideoMedia