Medieval Castle Festival at Rheinfels Castle

For the opening of the market at the medieval castle festival in St Goar, knights, minstrels, jugglers and others moved into the big cellar of the Rheinfels Castle.

Following the entry of the knights, Thelonius Dilldapp welcomed the enthusiastic audience and the organizers of the tourist information St Goar.

He then introduced the protagonists and of course he was curiously to learn from which regions the audience had arrived. The furthest travelled spectator came from Taiwan.

opening of the medieval castle festival at Rhenfels Castle in St Goar

Among the participants were the scholar Severinius and his assistant Ludovico, the Knights Einherjer, the Lahn Knight, Jo the jugglers and of course Thelonius Dilldapp. The musical background was provided by the minstrels Tandaradei.

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