da Vinci wheel

The idea to built the da Vinci wheel was born out of a design drawing by Leonardo da Vinci for the construction of bridges.

The wandering scholar Severinius the Younger and his assistant Ludovico present the construction of the wheel in front of the amazed audience during the Medieval Castle Festival at Rheinfels Castle in St. Goar. 

severinius and ludovci biulding the da Vinci wheel

The da Vinci wheel was assembled from 48 specially shaped pieces of wood without nails, screws, glue or cords. The wheel has a diameter of approx 2 meters. The proof that the da Vinci wheel is self-supporting was demonstrated at the end. One component has been removed and the wheel has collapsed immediately. You should not miss a performance of Severinius and Ludovico; Leonardo da Vinci certainly had had its fun.

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