Riegersburg Castle

The Riegersburg Castle in Styria, Austria, was built in the 11th Century on a 500 meter high basalt massif. Despite massive rush of Magyars and Turks it could never be taken.

Today the Riegersburg Castle is an attractive destination, especially for families. Every day, a bird of prey show takes place. A part of the interior rooms was converted into a multimedia museum of the medieval life.

armory at Riegersburg Castle in Styria Austria

The main attraction for children are court cases from the time of the witch trials. A victim of such persecution in the 17th century was Catherine Paldauf, the flowers witch, who had been executed because she had successfully cultivated flowers in the winter. She was the wife of the steward of the Riegersburg Castle, which belonged to Katharina Elisabeth Baroness von Galler.

view from Riegersburg Castle
 Due to the fact that during this time the ownership conditions between women and men were not equal, the Gallerin how the Baroness von Galler was called by the locals, was constantly involved in litigation and was soon referred to as "the bad Liesl".

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