University of Toronto to College of Art & Design

The University of Toronto, founded in 1827 as a King's college, counts as one of the top Twenty of the world and has approx. 60.000 students, including 6,000 international. Particularly the medical faculty is famous for pioneering achievements in the field of the research over insulin and diabetes and for the development of the first cardiac pacemaker. Until now, the university has produced six Nobel prize winners .

Victorian High Gothic style, architectural expression of all values of the British monarchy into pure culture; on this university campus one thinks to be in Great Britain, an impression to which you succumb in this country at most in Ottawa.

University of Toronto
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Squirrels seem to feel comfortable everywhere in Canada. Anyway one cannot describe them as a shy. Between the University and Finance District is the parliament building of Ontario, formerly Upper Canada, built in 1886 in neo-Gothic style. Premier Whitney, in power from 1905 to 1914, laid the foundation for industrialization of Ontario by establishing the Ontario Hydro-Electric Power Commission. However, he also split the country by regulation 17, which prohibited the teaching of French in the first three school years.

Queens Park Toronto
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The Queens Park forms a last green barrier in front of the skyscrapers of the Downtown.

Sharp Centre for Design Toronto
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The Art Gallery of Toronto is one most important art collections of Canada. The adjacent Sharp Centre for Design of the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) is distinguished by its unique architecture, in vernacular called flying tabletop. In this quarter you find the oldest houses in the city.

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