Around Litochoro at Mount Olmypus

Litochoro (Λιτόχωρο) lies at the foot of the massif of Mount Olympus. The town is an ideal starting point for hiking, biking and excursions in the surrounding forests and valleys.

After short time, we reach the new monastery of Agios Dionysios in the former monastery property Skala in the valley of the river Enipeas which is still inhabited by a substantial number of monks.

Agios Dionysios
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Over a mountainous road with beautiful views of the coastline and through the wild and romantic valley we drive in the direction of Mount Olympus to the derelict old Agios Dionysios Monastery. It is located about 18 km from Litochoro at an altitude of 900 m and was destroyed in 1943 by the troops of the German occupation in order to stop the partisan struggle. It is currently being restored.

Mount Olympus - Greece
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