Huangpu River Cruise

The Huangpu Jiang 黄浦江, such as the Huangpu River is called in the Chinese, flows through the city of Shanghai, China.

The journey with the ship downriver up to the mouth of the Yangtze River takes us past the historical façade of the Bund on the left bank shores. On the right is the glittering facade of the office and banking district of Pudong.

Pudong seen from Huangpu River
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After that a nearly endless collection of shipyards, docks, container terminals and industrial plants line the riverbanks. The Yangpu Bridge with a span of 620 m is not only the longest suspension bridges in the world, but as well the busiest.

The intense ship traffic, which sometimes may seem chaotic, testifies to the intense economic activity in the area. Many industrial companies advertise here, just like the rest of China, with its ISO certification, what might astonish many in this country.
dock at huangpu river
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The mouth of the Huangpu River in the Yangtze River appears like the mouth of a river into the sea. You cannot even see the opposite shore. The direction of the river can only be detected by the course of the passing ships.
Mouth of Huangpu River
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