Bertholder at Medieval Spectacle Bernkastel-Kues 2013

This year, the historical society conductio-princastell e.V and the town of Bernkastel-Kues invited to the Medieval Spectacle on the banks of the Moselle from 6th-7th July 2013 .

In bright sunshine, many thousand visitors from near and far were enchanted by jugglers, minstrels, knights, dancing women, camp life, medival food and market stalls. Bertholder the narrator, drew his large and small audiences with entertaining stories under his spell.

Bertholder the narrator at medieval spectacle n Bernkastel-Kues
We were lucky that Bertholder found the time to show us a part of the medival market. Together we visited the historic stonemason Lapidarius (Lars Kerzmann) and the Sagenschneiderey by Bettina with their precious cloths and garbs.

We learned a lot about herbs in Christian Havenith's variety market garden and we enjoyed an excellent coffee in the historical coffee tavern of Rosa Wilken. We found as well old craftsmanship e.g. at the tablet weaving booth of Irene of Sweppenhuzun and at the blacksmith Jens Deutlich.

Of course, a chat with the medieval dressed people should not be missed.

Text and Video: copyright @myVideoMedia